Craig Miller, MD

Craig Miller, MD is a physician at Plymouth Family and Internal Medicine. He has been there since 2001. Dr. Miller enjoys his work with wound healing. He is the Medical Director of the Plymouth and Mishawaka Wound Healing Centers. He is also the Senior Medical Consultant for Healogics. Healogics is a wound care company that manages wound care centers across the United States. He has even done medical work for Michiana Behavioral Health. We aren’t sure how he has any free time.

Speaking of free time, Dr. Miller loves spending his outdoors. He has a farm that he loves tending to. He has a wife and two children that he enjoys various outdoor activities with including both water and snow skiing.

Dr. Miller is from Kokomo, Indiana. He completed his undergraduate at Indiana University, Bloomington and medical school at Indiana University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Memorial Hospital in South Bend. During med school, he had another student jump out of the body bag that the class was opening for their first day of anatomy class. I’m sure that gave everyone a scare!

Now in his practice, Dr. Miller’s coworkers would say he likes to keep things lively. He likes to toss items across the office to his colleagues. He’ll even throw eggs for them to catch. He does say that most of them are hard boiled. Hope you aren’t the unlucky one to catch one that hasn’t been cooked yet. Dr. Miller loves caring for diabetes and chronic disease. He says that the best part about being a family doctor is the relationship you get to build with your patients. He is grateful to be a trusted part of their lives. Thank you, Dr. Miller, for all you do for the community!

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